OTHER Other Products

We continue to examine leather from a myriad of perspectives and explore new possibilities.
In addition to our car and furniture range, we are equally proud to offer a variety of other products.

  • Bookbags

    Photos provided by Kabankobo Yamamoto

  • Collagen Filato Cosmetic Ingredients from Hide

    In our search for new uses for hide, we discovered that animal skin, fish scales, and fish skin were a rich source of collagen. Since then, we have been developing, manufacturing, and selling collagen as a cosmetic ingredient. The benefits of collagen for skin are widely recognized. In liquid state, collagen is susceptible to heat and easily breaks down. Our many years of research into ways to counteract this effect and maximize the power of collagen resulted in a filament-structured collagen product which we call Collagen Filato. Using a proprietary method, Collagen Filato is manufactured entirely at our plant. By removing moisture and drying, the problem of heat sensitivity is overcome, enabling us to provide a high-quality product.