What We Do

At Midori Auto Leather, our job is to transform a natural material into a product; in other words, to create leather from hide.
We also strive to exceed expectations in quality.
Driven by our belief in the potential of leather, we continue to develop new products.

  • Leather for Automobiles AUTOMOTIVE

    Each project is a collaboration between ourselves and the customer. We suggest the textures and hues we can provide and manufacture leather under stringent quality management throughout the development process.

  • Leather for Furniture FURNITURE

    We can create leather that fully expresses the colors and rich textures envisioned by designers. Our leather provides both long-term comfort and durability.

  • Other Products OTHER

    We continue to examine leather from a myriad of perspectives and explore new possibilities. In addition to our car and furniture range, we are equally proud to offer a variety of other products.